Goes well with Chianti


“After the show not only were we humming the show’s titular tune but we also really wanted to go watch the the movie again to see what other references we’d missed. Which is about the best compliment we can give a musical spoof of twenty-year old horror movie.” Read more at

‘Silence! The Musical’ is offensively hilarious

North Jersey

To those who found “The Book of Mormon” offensively hilarious, I would urge a visit downtown to Theater 80 at St. Mark’s Place for the audaciously funny “Silence! The Musical.” Read more at

Lambs’ stew is a tasty treat

New York Post

As reverential of its source material as it is gleefully subversive, “Silence! The Musical” is a hell of a lot funnier than it has a right to be. Read more at

‘Silence! The Musical’ — 3 stars

AM New York

Unlike many other Fringe shows that get cleaned up for a commercial run, “Silence!” maintains the same scrappy, campy and extremely lowbrow style that made it so unexpectedly enjoyable in the first place. It was also a smart idea to mount the show at the intimate Theatre 80 in the East Village. Read more at

Hannibal Lecter Hits East Village; Stratford-Upon-Park Avenue: N.Y. Stage


What director and choreographer Christopher Gattelli does with Scott Pask’s sets — a few clothes racks and knickknacks — is remarkable, whether it’s in a scene of Clarice jogging or the lambs being silenced. The supporting cast members deftly play countless characters, including those lambs, in white ears and legwarmers. Read more at

Backstage – July 2011

Backstage - the Actor's Resource

“Silence of the Lambs” might seem like an unlikely subject for a musical comedy, but this riotous “unauthorized” romp through the Oscar-winning film based on Thomas Harris’ novel turns horror into humor. Read more at

NY Theatre – July 2011


Who would have figured that a musical of The Silence of the Lambs would end up one of the best movie-to-musical transfers in recent memory? Read more at

Curtain Up – July 2011

Curtain Up

The responsive audience that packed the tiny Theater 80 couldn’t seem to get enough of the musical’s abundance of bathroom humor. Many fondly recalled scenes, however comically deranged, were met with screams of delight. The musical sticks very closely to the story and only strays to let the talented performers loose to twist and chew up the dialogue or to burst into flights of musical dementia, as with “Buffalo Bill’s” aria “I’d Fuck Me” (you won’t be shocked if you know the film.) Except for the fact that you would never sing the songs in polite company, they have the sound of old school musical theater, quite witty and melodious, and played with gusto by the three-piece off-stage band. Read more at

Lighting & Sound America – July 2011

Lighting & Sound America

Sometimes, a star is hidden in plain sight, just waiting to be discovered. Consider the case of Jenn Harris. She’s turned up in a number of well-received Off Broadway productions, and, I assume, has gotten her fair share of praise — but nobody seems to have noticed that there was a major new clown in our midst. Now that Silence! The Musical has opened, the secret is out. Read more at