• “This Lambs parody is as IRREVERENT, FILTHY and FUNNY as The Book of Mormon! The difference is you can afford the tickets”
  • “Move over Assassins and Sweeney Todd. THERE’S A NEW KILLER MUSICAL IN TOWN!”
  • “hilarious takedown! Makes those naughty ditties in The Book of Mormon seem like trunk songs dropped from The Sound of Music”
  • **** (4 stars) “PUNGENT, PUNCHY and RAUNCHY! Will leave you wanting more!”
  • A TASTY TREAT! VIVACIOUSLY VULGAR… WICKEDLY SATIRICAL… GLEEFULLY SUBVERSIVE. A hell of a lot funnier than it has a right to be.
  • Top 10 !
  • Best Reviewed Musicals Top 5!
  • Top 10 !

The Top 10 Everything of 2011

TIME Magazine

Clever send-up of shock-movie clichés.  –  Jenn Harris, as agent Clarice Starling, can impersonate even Jodie Foster’s jogging style, and Brent Barrett, as Hannibal Lector, has a voice worth feasting on.  Read More at

Theatergoers should prepare to scream — with laughter

Theater Mania

The addition of Garrison to the company has also sparked Harris’ turn. New, gutbustingly funny details have crept into her performance, which continues to amplify film star Jodie Foster’s Southern-accented lisp and oxymoronic tough girl naiveté to hysterical effect.” Read more at

Top 10 in theater

Daily News

NY Daily News – Feb 2012 “Silence! The Musical” For anyone who needs a laugh. Read more at

Pungent, punchy and raunchy!

Time Out New York

If you’ve seen the Jonathan Demme film, but those numbers don’t prompt a chuckle, you might need to rent it again, since the laughs work best with the movie’s crisp, unnerving images fresh in mind. Still, there’s so much comedic talent to savor, you can enjoy Silence! on its own daffy merits. Harris perfectly nails Jodie Foster’s clenched, twangy-lisping Starling, whereas Barrett smartly avoids aping Anthony Hopkins. Pungent, punchy and raunchy, with a sheepish chorus to boot, the consummately silly Silence! will leave you stuffed and wanting mutton more. Read more at

Best Reviewed Musicals – Top 5 !

Critics widely agree that this “unauthorized” adaptation of the Oscar-winning thriller The Silence of the Lambs is just as riotously funny as it was when it first found its way to the stage in the 2005 Fringe Festival. Read more at

This ‘Lambs’ parody is as irreverent, filthy and funny as ‘The Book of Mormon.’

New York Post

“In the same way that “Book of Mormon” shocks audience members out of their seats with songs that push the envelope, “Silence!” knocks it out of the park.” Read more at

Parodying The Silence of the Lambs Never Gets Old, Especially in Musical Form

New York Magazine

New York Magazine “First and most-unmissable, there’s SILENCE! The Musical, a spoof-musical adaptation of The Silence of the Lambs that’s been slouching toward a run ever since it debuted at the Fringe Festival in 2005. In a testament to its talented cast — led by deadpan impressionatrix Jenn Harris (Swan!!!) as rookie FBI agent Clarice Starling… Read more at

Inspired Serial-Killer Musical Mocks Scary Movie


Associated Press: One scene that stands out for its theatrical value — and hilarity — is a dreamlike dance number during Clarice’s shocking first prison visit to see Hannibal.  Read more at ABC News

Perry on Broadway: Reviewing the hits and misses

Creative Loafing Charlotte

March 2012 – Creative Loafing Charlotte – Silence! The Musical (***1/2) – Blessed vulgarity! I don’t think I’ve seen a lampoon this irreverent, filthy, or incorrigibly nasty since the early movies of Mel Brooks when he was exuberantly taking down Westerns, monster movies, and sci-fi pics.  Read more at

If I could smell her…….

Culture Catch

“The piece is unique, quirky, and clever enough to develop a cult following, if it hasn’t done so already. ”– C. Jefferson Thom Read more at

Smelling your…Silence!

Moon Fun

“The dance numbers were choreographed cleverly, especially the dream dance sequence with Clarice and Hannibal. Well, Clarice, maybe the lambs have stopped screaming, but they are still dancing.” Read more at

Wendy R. Williams Theater Column – Jan 29th 2012

New York Cool

Silence! The Musical is a kitschy, campy, filthy adaptation of the film. The cast is amazing!Garrison and Harris have great chemistry, both with each other and the rest of the cast, all of whom have great comic timing. One of the main reasons the show is so much fun is because the actors are obviously having a blast on stage. They embrace the insanity and simply “go for it.” Read more at

Silence Full of Laughter

Gregory G Allen

Gregory G. Allen – Jan 29th 2012
“For those that know the movie well, you will laugh until your sides hurt. One reason this show works so well is the fact the music is catchy (even some great ballads) complete with a dream ‘See You Next Tuesday’ Ballet! Jon Kaplan & Al Kaplan have written a great score and Hunter Bell (from [title of show] fame) a clever book.” Read more

Agnes Moorehead, Edmund Goulding inspire best of 2011

Gay City

“Silence! the Musical” was a show that should have never worked, but, goddammit, does it ever, delivering more laughs than any show this season, as well as the most unforgettable songs.” Read more at

“Prodigiously funny”


“Every time I thought I was ahead of the show, something totally unexpected would make me laugh and I’d realize that the show was ahead of me.” Read more at

The Sounds of Silence! (of the Lambs)

Art Whisperer

The Art Whisperer – Dec 14th 2011
Those same friends sat beside me and howled through the entire show.  No exaggeration, we laughed for 90 minutes.  It’s quick and clever and sometimes shocking.   Read more at

Musical parody skewers ‘Silence of the Lambs’

Daily News

Fitting for a show about a cannibal and a serial killer, “Silence!” isn’t golden. Much of the time, it’s dimly lit. But even in shadows, this lewd, lyrical and laugh-your-butt-off musical parody of “The Silence of the Lambs” shines bright. Read more at

New York Observer – Nov 2011

New York- Observer

This offbeat take on Dr. Lecter and Clarice Starling, the FBI trainee seeking his help to stop another killer, is silly, sophomoric and as charming as its Chianti-loving antihero. Read more at